A collection of writing by Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson

Homeland insecurity run amok in “Wiseguy”

My second novel, Wiseguy, is available here. A quick synopsis: In the wake of a another terrorist attack, the United States has developed an invasive supercomputer called Wiseguy that’s going to help beat the terrorists once and for all.

As the birthplace of Wiseguy, Seattle is now a target. Aramaic-speaking terrorists are plotting to take down the Emerald City.

Cody Fitzgerald doesn’t trust Wiseguy. He’s used to catching terrorists the old-fashioned way, using his own sweat and guile. He is bent on saving Seattle from an imminent attack. He’s up to the task, but can he keep from getting fired?

Wiseguy is a techno-thriller with dissident roots. It suggests near future consequences for America’s endless war on terror.


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